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Biz-Era's MDaemon Hosted E-mail service is powered by MDaemon technology.
MDaemon Technologies has been developing e-mail for 20 years and its products are trusted by businesses like yours around the world.

Now, we are now bringing that expertise to you by providing e-mail hosting services.

Let us take the hassle out of managing your own e-mail with Hosted MDaemon

While some businesses prefer the control of managing their own on-premise mail server, many others are turning to hosted e-mail to free up time and resources for other business-critical tasks.

For businesses looking for a trusted cloud-based solution, Hosted MDaemon provides a full suite of messaging and collaboration tools, including webmail, shared calendars, contacts, tasks, documents, notes, mobile device support, e-mail encryption and more. Watch a short video to learn about some of the MDaemon Hosted E-mail features.

Spam Reporting

E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes
using Web Mail or Microsoft Outlook Client.

Account Hijack Detection

Detect, disable, and notify the IT administrator of accounts that send too many messages in a given timeframe.

Account Hijack Detection

Personal spam quarantine reports.

E-mail Security

Secure and private messaging using two-factor authentication and e-mail encryption.

Just Private, Secure E-mail

30 Days free back-up of e-mail. No ads, monitoring, or spying of your e-mail to sell you things.

Expert Support 24/7

Responsive US-based support from technicians who understand e-mail delivery and security.